December 28, 2008

MIST - FOG on the Island


Boira means fog or mist in the local language. During these dates are fog during the mornings, so we can enjoy gostly scenaries on the island. These ones are located in the north of the island, on the way to Santa Agnes, from San Rafael in a very small village called Buscastell or Forada.

Here we can enjoy two pictures about one of the most popular trees on the island. The "algarrobos" due to the mist the sunny pictures are very awesome.

December 19, 2008


With this images of the nice Christmas Tree that the Sant Antoni´s Town Hall has made on the main square, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

AFTER THE STORM... calm comes....!!!

That´s what I am thinking after walking on the Sant Antoni beach, after the western winds, the calm comes to the bay, and with the calm you can see what the wind did. For instance many of the boats are stucked on the beach. The spectacle is not nice, but even with the dramatic efect, there´s something strange looking them. Just thinking also what the owners will say, when they will be aware of the situation of their boat. I presume they will try to find all the paper work about insurances.

December 18, 2008



Lluna plena, is the local name for the full moon. In the morning the full moon gave me this nice images of the old town of Ibiza with the satelite. It was great that I had the camera with me, so now I am able to share this pictures with you. The building in first term, is the Church of Santo Domingo, and the Town Hall of the city of Ibiza.


Thanks to the spectacular full moon of some days ago, I could have the chance to take the following pictures, of the moon itself and the scenaries of Ibiza lighted by the moon. Down you can see the full moon around pine trees.


And here you can see two images taken by night with the light of the moon, on the beach of Cala Gració, the picture upstairs include a view of the small island "islote" conejera.


Adult cormoran , with the Espalmador lighthouse at the end
This cormoran is very common around the island, and also at the rest of the balearics. The adults are totaly black. They just come to the sea shore to sleep and to dry theirself.

They fly on a very low height. They are excellent swimmers. They can dive a lot of time to get their food, fishes. During many years the number of these cormorans went down. Now is recovering the number of cormorans all over the balearics.



May be the name of Sant Antoni is not linked by the best tourist type of the world. But allowed me to talk as good as possible of this town, which in a past, was the best tourist resort of the Mediterranean. Talked about Ibiza was talked about San Antonio and its bay. Here is where the tourist Ibiza World started. May be the problem, doesn´t come from the hooligans it self, but the town hall allowing all the noise and the manners. I am convinnced that with a stronger law, Sant Antoni could it be again what it was.

The next pictures would like to be the reflection that Sant Antoni is much more than alcohol and noise. It´s a wonderful place that if authorities puts solutions it will be again the example of a wonderful resort.

Sant Antoni Bay is protected by that island called "conejera", and that a legend says Hannibal was born there.

Many boats have in Sant Antoni their harbour. The harbour links the Island with Denia and Barcelona. Also is a fishing harbour.

En 1.992 the town dedicated to the 5th centenary of the America discovering that original monument that now is the icon of the town. Columbu´s egg.
At a very few distance of the center, you can find Punta Galera, it´s a rocky place that´s ideal for diving, and also a place which inspirate to the espiritual people.

Not only Sant Antoni is ideal as a Tourist Resort, but also have the best sunset views of the Island.

December 17, 2008


The coasts of Ibiza are surrounded by this towers that were build when the danger came from the sea, specially Pirates. All of them are strategically located with a beautiful and very wide view to the sea.
Today I would like to talk about three of them.
May be the most spectacullar one is the Torre des Sabinar, but the real name is Torre des Jueu, because the place is known as Punta des Jueu. It´s also know as "Torre del Pirata" (Pirate´s Tower) because the famous spanish writter Vicente Blasco Ibañez, in his novel "los muertos mandan" (the deads are give the orders), placed the tower in his novel with that name.
Spectacular views of Es Vedrá and Vedranell.
The "Torre de ses portes", is located at very south of the island, facing the small islands between Ibiza and Formentera, was build on the XVII century. but wee see it as it was on the XVIII century. Very nice views from Es Freus and Formentera.

The Tower den Rovira o de Compte is located on the west of the Island, and very close to some small islands. The musslims pirates took refuge on those islands before their attacks, So was urgently necessary to build this tower. You can see the islands of Conejera, Bosque & Espartar.


SANTA EULARIA D´ES RIU May is not popular to know that the real name of the river of Santa Eulalia, was the river Valcar. It was a very important river, for that part of the island.
About the bridge (you can see thep picture upside), There are no information about when it was built. So a legend says that it was built by the devil on the Saint John´s night, during the night. Nowadays the end of the old river, is a small harbour for local fishing boats, and is located very near of a beautiful sandy beach.Santa Eulalia has a "Puig de Missa",( mass hill), there´s another in San Miguel, but may be this one is more famous. Santa Eulalia is the third most important town on the island.
The white church of Santa Eulalia has a separate "porche" (porch or hall) that is one of the most beautiful from all the churches of Ibiza. This church is selected by many people, and specially for foreings for their weddings in Ibiza.
This building also was a fortress, and it´s easy to see that, when you are aware that no windows and big walls are cleary on the building. Also the tower at the back of the building indicates the caracter of fortress.




"Dalt Vila" is the most old part of the Ibiza city. Its surrounded by a renaissance walls. They are the best preserved walled set at the Mediterranean, after La Veletta (Malta).

People that arrive by boat, is the first thing to see of the Island, and the last thing when they go.

Crowning the hill of Dalt Vila, there´s the building of the Cathedral. The building was dedicated to Our Lady of Snows, which is a very curious fact, because in this island the snow is highly improbable. To walk around Dalt Vila is going back to the history of this city. Is to go inside of an island inside another island...
And... of course, if you can get up, to the top, you´ll get a very nice views as a prize.



This one is still one of the real authentic small villages that you can find in Ibiza. You can see here the real Ibiza. The center of this village is only a Church, a small shop and several bars. Is very crowded during the weekends and at the Bar Can Cosmi you can enjoy the home made "tortillas" (omelets) and some Ibicencan food.
After the food is very nice to walk around the countryside looking the tipical Ibicencan houses, and if you take the road to the sea, you will come to a breathtaking view of the "acantilados"(cliffs) and from the very top you can enjoy the views to the "margalides islands". There´s a theroy about Colombus in the travelling to America, give the name of this islands to the "Isla Margarita" in Venezuela. May be is true or not, but you´ll enjoy that view, to go down to the sea, may be is a matter of big effort... so enjoy the views from upstairs.
During January or February, you can have a very nice surprise to see that everything turns white on the countryside. Is because the almond tree flowers...
Also because Santa Agnes is located in the Northwest side of the Island is very often possible to get a beautiful susets. Here you have an example. On that day I was luky to have the camera with me.

The very small church of Santa Agnes, is the lowest of the island, during the building some parts came down. But this is not an obstacle to be one of the most nice churches inside on the island.