May 25, 2009

Valcar River

This River is only famous at the river mouth. There is where the Town of Santa Eulalia has the name of the "El Rio" the river. At the roman times this river was known as Valcar.

From differents "brolls" (places where the water born) the water is transporting to the River. Untill the sixties of the XXth Century this River had water all year around.

This is the only River in Spain out of the mainland. From the year 2006/7 The river have water all winter around. This thing was not happen from many decades ago.

May 14, 2009

Although Ibiza is famous for the beaches, Ibiza also has a magnificent cliffs especially at the north side of the Island.

This Cliffs are known as "Es amunts", just something like the "highlands" of Ibiza.

It´s quite amazing to see the local flora of the this sites.

Thanks to Joan Costa (he knows very well the island) I could come to this place, it belongs to Sant Mateu d´Eubarca, and this is the view to the Cala Eubarca.