February 26, 2010



Placed in the very north of the island, the etymology of the word gives us a track. It is a question of a natural port, and simultaneously a tourist resort but not a crowded one, perfect spot for families. In winter as the rest of the island it is plunged in a lethargy that does the delights for the people who looks for quietness.

Althought is located at the north of the island, the sunsets have a special sheen. The small fishing crafts placed at the coast or those anchored moving with the soft waves inside the port have their beautiness scenary.

Cove Xarraca (above and below pictures) is one of several beaches that we can find in the zone. This one even with a little isle in the middle of the cove, that it is possible to reached easily.

both summer or winter the colour of the sea is just incredible.

Another cove that exist in Portinatx's zone, and below(down) the sight from Portinatx's port, where it is possible to see in the distance the silhouette of Cap des moscater lighthouse. In this point the beaches come to the end, and begin the cliffs of the natural zone wherefrom we are, it calls of Es Amunts.

February 22, 2010


In the small and cozy locality of santa Agnès de Corona was not absent the carnival this weekend. A carnival with enough expectation and accompanied of the almond-trees in flower.
From spectacular dresses of Venetian style, or the coal sellers in bicycle, the above mentioned influenced maybe for the famous "sitga" that is in the habit of doing in this village on their "fiesta" of the town at the end of January.

Fiction features are mixed with the numerous walkers that on weekend invaded the small village.

But those who really made the big performance were the adorers of the god Baco, who is in turn the god of the wine, and therefore the one who had major followers, interpreting at all time frenetic dances of all his followers, undoubtedly they were those who came without discretion....!!!

choreographic dancers and many animation they brought in this parade this numerous group. A horse, the god baco and even a Greek temple that they made parade to the whole village...

The party ended by night, and then it was moved to the social lounge of the village.... One more excuse to visit this lovely village, this time with insured animation.
Now we must wait until next year....

February 16, 2010


The winter time offers great tranquility that everyone call feel in the whole island. This silence here comes with this rhythmic noise of the sea almost in calmness moving onto the shore. And this sensation of loneliness despite that in beaches like here during the twilight persons are coming with their tripods cameras to catch this magic moment. The "Sol post", it is a local word that only is in use in this island and indicates this moment in which the Sun already has disappeared from the horizon.
Magic as well as the images during this moment which turne into profiles. These profiles of people of all the ages seeing as the Sun falls down, and once the Sun is gone the persons and the colors are playing at transforming little by little in the horizon. In this horizon we can see the great and giant watchtower of the island, the island Es Vedrà. As a curious note, indicate that the name of this beach D'Hort (Cove of the garden) shoul be the same as Cala D'or of Majorca had to take the same name since it is an urbanization resort with names of this island, but for some reason the Cala D'Hort there it was distorted and changed to Cala D'or (Cove of the gold) ... curiosities that have some names.

February 09, 2010



Undoubtedly the most impressive natural winter spectacle is the flowering of the almond-trees of the island of Ibiza. This year maybe has not the showiness of other years, rains and overcoat winds have been part of the reasons, but anyway is enjoyable to walk around them again. In Ibiza we have no snow at all, but this white landscape remains us a bit the white element.

Besides the flower, we still have it´s nice smell, very estimated in the industry of the perfumes. The flower color is white or pink depending on the type of almond. Again the fields of the north of the island are the most spectacular, and there many persons peregrinate every day to walk between these trees that give a romantic touch to our fields. Maybe the favorite and already most famous site for this, is the rural little village of santa Agnès de Corona.

February 05, 2010


How nice is to see the green fields at the countryside of the island. Green as the carob trees as the pine trees they keep their green colour during all year.

The field has turned into a green great carpet that floods all over, splashed with lots of yellow little flowers.