July 28, 2010



Located on the northeastern coast of the island between the towns of Sant Carles and Cala San Vicente, receives the first rays of sunlight. It's official nudist beach as Es Cavallet beach at the south of the island, and it has wild corners and also has a part with all facilities and services that you can find on any town beach.

In some parts of this narrow beach sand strip you can see giant cliffs that make this a spectacular site. Some places are like small caves, but beware of possible landslides.
On this beach you can find both fine white sand and rocky areas, although the bathroom is very safe. Large amounts of white foam that makes the waves hitting the reefs or rocks, are perhaps the reason of the name of the beach. Aigües blanques or S'Aigua blanca.
In the background we can see the island of Tagomago.

There are areas where there are plenty facilities, such as sunbeds and colorful umbrellas, and in other areas where the beach is almost wild.

The view from the caves that are formed due to the cliffs are seen as above, where the trees cling to any land, making real balances to avoid falling down.
A quiet beach and bustling at the same time, nudist and textile and where the waves hit the shore and rocks protruding from the sea a few meters from the sand are those huge amounts of white foam color that is the origin of the name of this beach, beach where you can walk pretty far from the shore. The problem for the lazy ones who do not like much walking is the access due need to walk enough to get there.

July 18, 2010


our lady of Carmen on Ibiza streets

On July the 16th is celebrated Our Lady of Carmen patroness of seafarers. Ibiza is like a beautiful coastal city, is no stranger to this celebration as the whole island the sea is around and each year as the image of Our Lady of Carmen wandering around the narrow streets of the district of La Marina in the lower part of the city on her way to the port.

The image passes between the balconies and the street called of the Virgin, where the whole street is decorated with many flowers. Every year the image leaves his house, the Carmelite convent church of San Telmo.
One of the most beautiful moments when they have to go down some steep stairs into the final stretch leading up to the image to a boat. This image is preceded by their banner and some monks of the Carmelite monastery in Ibiza that just have this image as their saint patron.
Many people accompany the image. Ibiza town is not living back to the sea, but the contrary. Whenever both the dangers and the various forms of subsistence were always by sea. So not only Ibiza town is very important the harbour but also in the whole island.

Sant Antoni de Portmany, Es Cana, Portinatx, Es Cubells, Formentera ... and some populations also maintain its traditional maritime procession, although in some localities are held next Sunday 16th.

The image arrives at the ship that will take her to sea. This time it is a tug named with a beautiful town of Gran Canaria. "Arucas." This tug in red, this year will be in charge of carrying the image to his walk through the waters of the Ibiza´s bay. In his way a laurel wreath will be thrown into the sea, as a tribute to all those who lost their lives at sea, as an example let me say my own grandfather and paternal great-grandfather, fishermen and sailors who found their death in the Mediterranean as them so many men who left their lives in to the sea.

July 11, 2010


During these days plenty Spanish flags are located on to the balconys of the island supporting this way the Spanish Team in Sudafrica to win the World cup. Even Paul the English octopuss living now in Germany has decided that the victory of the world cup belongs to Spain.

Its simple, just go around the city, watch up and you´ll see a lot of flags in yellow and red of the Spanish Kingdom.

Hope that bull soon will be free. All countrys have good and bad things, and I am not proud at all of the famous bullfighting. Hope soon we will enjoy into this country to not have them anymore and that it will be definitely history.

Hope the Spanish team will be luck this time.
If we can not win, we will be in second place, which is no bad at all, but we must try to win.
As we can see below, in Spain there are supporters of both sides, so is not unusual to see diferent flags of another countrys, including Holland our rivals. So that´s mean that if Holland wins the game not everybody will be sad on the island. But hope to see a lot of happy people and Spain gets the cup.

July 07, 2010



Although the construction of new port of Ibiza was controversial, at the end was not so bad. I must say it has much more charm before anyway. As a large payment to all this cement one of the well know Ibiza beach disappeared, A very lovely place for the inhabitants of which was the famous Ibiza Playa D'es duros, replaced today by a section of the promenade.

The advantage was obtained from the construction of a dam than a kilometer long was that people could go for long and pleasant walks or do "jogging" but one day for unknown reasons an institution of those who command and "cut the cod"(as we say in Ibiza) decided close to the public. I am sharing some time if something has hurt (much) this island are its political leaders deserve no doubt regarded as enemies of the earth and its inhabitants.
Anyway the city views from here are great and you can see the east side of the Renaissance walls.

Overlooking this point is the outline of the guard, the lighthouse Botafoc, formerly located in the small namesake island. Without doubt the most beautiful on the island.

Although its function is as sea signals, it is curious that also the planes flying overhead in its short end before landing on the island.

One of the reasons for building this such big harbour, was undoubtedly the possibility to enter into the port the large vessels that were previously outside as the large cruises so common on the island, especially in summer.

Cruises are common in this city, as part of their Mediterranean routes. Ibiza as World heritage Site by the UNESCO and has very attractive for this type of crafts.
And while the port day and night will be monitoring the entrances and exits of the ships the lighthouse Botafoc (named for the cannons on board of the boats that greet in the past an image of a nearby church when entering or leaving the port) greeting the boats all night with his winks in the form of light.
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