July 26, 2012


Immortalized in the famous novel written by Vicente Blasco Ibanez, this tower was the star buildings of the novel "los muertos mandan" "the dead command," set in rural Ibiza in the early twentieth century but also takes parts in the capital of Mallorca. The actual name of the tower is "des cap des Jueu" or "des Savinar".
It is located directly opposite the stunning islands of Es Vedra and Vedranell. Es vedrá reaches near the 400 meters high, and it´s said that has a great magnetic power. Definitely a special place, a mythical island where once the Father Palau, was a hermit there in his religious reflections. More recently is alleged to be the base of alien spacecraft. In any case with or without spacecrafts, these islets are very impressive.
This tower that once served as a watchtower against the enemies of the islands as the pirates, and from here the population was warned when the danger came near, to refuge and hide them in to the nearest defensive towers of the towns or to the fortresses churches. It enjoys a wide and impressive view because is located more than 200 meters in a stunning cliff in the Cap des des Jueu, quite close to the mythical "Atlantis" in one side and the cove of Cala D'hort in to the other. In 1753 the construction was completed and is now a place to be visited especially in the evenings where you stunning sunsets can be watched from here, also on days when visibility permits, the coast of the Iberian peninsula belong to the province of Alicante can be also easyly seen.

July 03, 2012


Walking through the countryside of Ibiza we may find amazing surprises for those who love lavender (allow me, to dedicate this post to a wonderful girl who loves these plants). This shrub grows wild only in the western Mediterranean and is a symbol for an area of ​​France (The Provence), where fields are covered all over with its lavender flowers of this lilac characteristic color of this plantation. Besides culinary uses also has its place in pharmacies devices, and also as medicinal plant as well as decorative.
But surprisingly also in Ibiza this plant is present in forests, and in many gardens or decorating in some roundabouts and public gardens. Also in this house is tastefully completely surrounded by lavender, and everywhere seem to have adapted well to the dry land, to the strong summer sun and to the damp winter of the island. Besides the lavender, the white walls of the rural house made a nice contrasting.
this house is in the rural north of the island. Its small size makes it a simple house and even increases their beauty. this house is located between forests, and with its white walls, green forests and lavender flowers make this place a beautiful and unique in Ibiza.
With its simple houses and buildings, the evergreen fields, make this island a unique island in winter and summer, perhaps in summer many people forget that the rural Ibiza interior also exists, to the detriment of the beaches and coasts which are full of people, that makes that we opted for the inside Ibiza for enjoy more the solitude of these beautiful spots.