April 24, 2013


No way I can hide my great appreciation for this place. I´m aware that I repeat with this (albeit with new images) about this place. There are several islets that surround this beach, and in some cases (just few of them) they are reach by swimming, though not the case of the far islet Espartar.
The white sand of the beach contrasts with the green and turquoise blue sea. Any time is good to visit this beach, although in July and August they are a bit crowded. So if you are not too fond of the masses of people, you should avoid going at that time but in winter is simply a joy to go to this place, especially if the day is sunny.
From this beach we can enjoy beautiful sunsets, due it´s located at the west side of the Island. From here also we can see the distant and small archipelago of islands called "Bledes" (chard). So, this beach is surrounded by many of the most popular islets of Ibiza.
For those who don´t enjoy much the fine sand, there are also some rocky areas. When there are waves into this beach when the western wind blows is also a nice place to visit, so the waves gives an extra amount of beauty to the landscape. In summer also is a great place to practice snorkeling or for swimming.
very near there is also a small cove called Raco d'en Xic, is naturist place and there are beautiful views towards the islet of s´Espartar.
Another of the "large" islets that can be seen from the beach is the "illa des bosc" (forest island) and this one it´s accessible by swimming. I never get tired to visit this site and to walk the surroundings in winter, it´s really a privilege enjoy these spectacular sceneries.

April 10, 2013


Arriving the summer season, Ibiza is ready for its famous sunsets. Anyway for those who have visited the island in winter, I´m sure that they have been amazed at the sunsets on the winter months, even better in bad weather, where clouds and winds improve the beautiful sunsets.
These images are a good example of this. The stormy sea, the sky full of clouds and sun hiding down into the sea. This becomes a spectacular symphony of colors of clouds and raging sea.
All these images are taken in a relatively short time interval in one afternoon when sun going down. Even just as the sun has been hiding in the sea, different colors of the sky are changing in seconds.
For those who are now in Ibiza during April and May, it will be possible to watch unrepeatable sunsets, and have nothing to envy to the such famous midsummer sunsets. These ones now, are the bests sunsets of the year.